Btech IOT (Internet of things) projects in Mohali

Netmax technologies is one of the best Btech project makers in Mohali, Punjab. Netmax technologies is a 10+-year-old company in Mohali, Punjab. Netmax successfully has done more than 1000+ Btech projects every year.

Netmax Technologies is an expert in doing Electronics based projects. Students come here for our guidance in the making of their projects, we help them with our guidance. The company’s motive is to teach them the depth of knowing what they want to achieve.

What kind of projects we make at Netmax technologies:

Our most of the projects are IOT based projects, IOT is also known as the ‘Internet of things’. IOT is the advance trending topic nowadays. IOT make easy to control devices remotely. Here is some application of IOT are as following:

  • You can automate your house through IOT.
  • You can send data online from the devices.
  • Control Sensors remotely.

Recent projects are successfully done by Netmax Technologies:

How to reach us:

Btech IOT (Internet of things) projects in Mohali btech iot (internet of things) projects in mohali Btech IOT (Internet of things) projects in Mohali Netmax Technologies sco 198 200 office address


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