HMI and Main Controller

Raspberry Pi running mono framework and a 7″ touchscreen.


There are several reasons Raspberry pi thing connect to the internet, but mainly we be able to control our Aquarium from anywhere with mobile smart phone.

Power Supply and Communication Bus Connectors

I plan on using a power supply for the 5Vdc and 12Vdc. The different slave modules will be mounted to a DIN rail. RS485 will be used for serial communication.

4-Channel 0-10V or PWM Dimming

The AquaPic will include both PWM and 0-10V dimming references for lighting. To accomplish this I’m using a micro to generate the PWM signals and then programmable switching that straight out or through a filter/gain circuit for 0-10V.

6-Channel Input

General inputs used for float switches, flood detection, button, etc. The front on the input card will have blue LEDs to indicate which switch is closed.

pH and ORP Input, Gain and Isolation

This card will incorporate two galvatically isolated circuits for pH and ORP measurement. The first input will only measure pH and the second will measure pH or ORP.

Temperature and Level Monitoring

I will be using both temperature and level sensors that output linear voltage, between 0-5Vdc. This way I can plug either a temperature sensor or a level sensor into any of the 4 channels this card will have.

Power Strips

Each power strip will include 8 outlets controlled by either a solid state or mechanical relay. I would also like to measure the current on each of the outlets.