Smart Doorbell Using NodeMcu


Smart Doorbell  Using NodeMcu

Smart Doorbell Using NodeMcu

No one gone from your Door.stem that notifies your cellphone and electronic mail whenever someone presses the doorbell.

Smart Doorbell Using NodeMcu smart doorbell using nodemcu Smart Doorbell  Using NodeMcu Smart Doorbell with Camera Using NodeMcu3
Smart Doorbell Using NodeMcu

I always wanted to make a gadget that could alert me on my cellphone and mail each time someone is on the door. We often leave out the doorbell of some purpose or any other.

Using this device you’ll by no means leave out everybody who knocks on your door.

Using an Arduino and an ethernet guard to connect the button to the internet, the device makes use of blynk app to attach it to the cloud. The app is to be had both for android and IOS. The gadget sends an e mail and a cell notification every time it’s miles pressed.

for more details contact here:-Embedded Projects in Chandigarh smart doorbell using nodemcu Smart Doorbell  Using NodeMcu Embedded Systems Projects for ECE132

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